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AllCell Technologies designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs for portable, stationary, and transportation applications. Our patented thermal management technology allows production of compact, lightweight, and long-lasting batteries.

AllCell’s passive thermal management technology is based on the use of Phase Change Composite (PCCTM) to surround each lithium-ion cell, absorbing and conducting heat away to dramatically extend the life of the cells and prevent fire or damage to the battery. AllCell’s products avoid the need for expensive, complicated, and inefficient active thermal management systems, replacing pumps, motors, and hoses with an elegant passive system that requires no energy to operate and has no moving parts.



Phil Shaw

CEO and Board Member

Phil joins us from Clarios where he was Product Line Director for lithium ion batteries. Prior to this Phil was Chief Engineer in AVL Powertrain where he was responsible for a broad range of business activities including benchmarking, vehicle and system simulation and advanced methodology development, working with a wide range of customers from the military to major automotive OEMs. Phil joined AVL from Ford Motor Co. Where he had a wide range of positions over 14 years.

Phil will strengthen the leadership team, focusing on improving the operational efficiency within the engineering functions and operations, and will also take a leadership role in in the development of new business.


Dennis Townsend


Dennis founded Townsend Capital, LLC in 1975, after beginning his investment career at Thomson McKinnon Securities, Inc., where he was one of the pioneers in the newly-emerging field of tax-advantaged investments. Because of his tax expertise, he frequently advised tax attorneys and accountants on the analysis and structuring of these partnerships. Relying on his ability to understand the market, Dennis has guided Townsend Capital as it evolved from a registered securities broker dealer and investment advisory firm to a company that invests primarily for its own account. From purchasing empty buildings in Texas, to long-term net leases to credit tenants, to sale-leaseback transactions, to build-to-suit developments, to building laboratory research facilities for major universities, he has established lasting relationships with such clients as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Tyco and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dennis attended Johns Hopkins University and was a member of the staff that coached the lacrosse team to five NCAA championships. An avid golfer, Dennis is also the founder of Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, New Jersey.


Tom Nation

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining AllCell, Tom Nation led manufacturing and product development of electrical, electronics, and cooling products in the automotive industry for over 30 years. Tom began his career at Ford Motor Company in their electronics division as the auto industry began the rapid and massive incorporation of electronics into cars. He progressed through a variety of roles with Ford—and its spin-off Visteon—for 32 years, including several years in Europe where he was responsible for operations at over a dozen manufacturing plants.

Tom is well versed in lean, six sigma, and TPS manufacturing processes and practices and has managed the full range of small to very large manufacturing sites. Tom is also an accomplished photographer and fine art printing specialist. He has a BS in electrical engineering from the Ohio State University and post graduate studies in digital imaging and signal processing.


Richard Ott


Richard Ott has over 40 years of experience as a CFO, controller, financial officer, and accountant. Richard began his career as an audit supervisor with Grant Thornton, where his clients included a variety of private and publicly traded companies. He then went on to hold a number of different financial management roles, primarily focused on manufacturing firms, including Driv-Lok Inc., RB&W Corporation, Winward Roofing, and MBL Corporation.

His experience includes consulting, process redesign, and implementing accounting and financial reporting systems. Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois Chicago, and he was certified as a CPA by the Illinois Society of Certified Public Accountants.


Said Al-Hallaj

Co-Founder and Senior Technical Adviser

Said Al-Hallaj is the co-founder and former CEO of All Cell Technologies LLC, and a Research Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Dr. Al-Hallaj earned his B.Sc and M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).

Said co-authored a book entitled “Hybrid Hydrogen Systems” and has published several book chapters and numerous numbers of peer reviewed and conference journal papers. Said is the co-inventor of several issued and pending patent applications in the areas of renewable energy, energy storage and water desalination.



AllCell has created a suite of phase change composite (PCC) thermal materials to improve the safety and performance of lithium-ion battery packs. PCC is a lightweight combination of phase change material and graphite that absorbs and distributes heat. When integrated into a lithium-ion battery pack, AllCell’s phase change composite (PCCTM) provides four key benefits:

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The lithium-ion cells in the battery pack are placed in intimate contact with our PCC. As the pack heats up, the graphite spreads the heat evenly throughout the pack, avoiding hot spots and ensuring temperature uniformity. Once the temperature reaches the melting point of the PCC, all additional thermal energy is absorbed by the melting process rather than continuing to raise the temperature.

Even though the PCC is “melting” the composite material itself remains solid even at extremely high temperatures and nothing leaks out. By selecting different base materials, AllCell can control the maximum temperature in each pack to ensure optimal performance.


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